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Northshore Development

North Vancouver will experience growth over the next few years with new developments

Posted on June 7, 2013 by

Attached is an article just out, by Glen Korstrom, about one of several new developments to come to North Vancouver. Although some developments have been in the works for a long time, they are starting to come to the fore front now. Areas you might have seen in passing: Lynnmour South near Seymour Creek -North of the Second Narrows Bridge, Lower Lonsdale near the Quay, Central Lonsdale, and Capilano/Marine just off Fullerton Ave. These are just some of the areas to experience major building. Some people are in favor of the changes, bringing in various new housing types, and maybe some affordability, but others are not so sure of the traffic this will bring to the area and the ‘not yet seen’ consequences. The only thing for sure…. is that growth and development is coming!

In Glen Korstrom’s recent article is a quote from John Conicella, president of British Pacific Properties, saying that – ‘It’s going to feel a lot like growth but it’s not. It’s change,” he said.’ – Said when John Conicella was taking about a proposed 320 unit condo project in West Vancouver/Park Royal where the White Spot currently sits. (from another Glen Korstrom Article in April this year) What do you think? Change or Growth? Or both? How do you weigh in on the “changes” in North Vancouver? I welcome your comments and input!

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