Home Buyer's Guide

Colleen has designed a Home Buyer's Guidewhich has helped her clients understand all the information buyers need to get ready to purchase a home.

The Home Buyer's Guide includes:

  • costs and financial information
  • checklists
  • the buying process and timeline
  • how an offer works and offer savvy for buyers
  • tax information
  • insight on the legal aspects of a purchase
  • tips for making good real estate choices
  • what a real estate agent does for you
  • strata document information
  • what an inspection can do for you
  • who are the key players that should be on your team

A Home Buyer's Guide is available when you book a one and a half hour session with Colleen so she can explain the guide to you in detail and answer any questions you have. Colleen will help you focus on what you need to know for your specific needs.

It starts with a call, then tea and scones with Colleen: 778-808-7117 Email: shorter@shaw.ca